While millions of Americans are being distracted with the untimely death of Kobe Bryant, the Trump Impeachment trials, Lizzo, and the Super Bowl, a life-threatening virus is ravishing countries leaving a trail of bodies in its path.  There are worldwide upheavals as daily earthquakes are striking, ferocious wildfires are raging in Australia, the oceans are heating up, Arctic regions are melting, locusts are attacking countries in Africa, and now a global health crisis has been declared by the World Health Organization.  We urge you to wake up to the truth of the deconstruction of our reality before you fade away with it.

Those who are in the KNOW have been purchasing bunkers, storing supplies, and making provisions for their families for the past decade in preparation for a mass extinction event.  We discussed this in our videos entitled, “The 6th Great Mass Extinction” and “There is NO Tomorrow.”  The coronavirus is the final element needed to prove we have passed the point of no return.

People from all socioeconomic backgrounds including teachers, police officers, and business owners have purchased bunkers.  Bunkers are not cheap, so, an unseen force is making provision for certain people while others are being left to fend for themselves.  We are here to assist those who were left in the dark as we shine a light into the things that have been hidden from you.

The coronavirus is a shape-shifting entity that has mutated from its original form.  What scientists are fighting today is NOT the same virus it was when it was first discovered, nor will it be what it is today in the near future.  As a result, its transmission has also changed.  Initially, a face mask could protect you. Now people who are wearing masks are still getting infected as this pathogen has become airborne.  A physician in China was diagnosed with it and the only thing he had exposed was his eyes. 

China has more wealth, power, and resources than America and they are overwhelmed as this virus has crippled its daily operations nationwide.  Most of our goods are produced in China as their industrial economy has surpassed our own.  Therefore, what happens in their country will have a direct effect on us in the near future.   According to a Japanese predictive model, this disease will affect 150,000 people per day if it keeps spreading at its current rate.

Scientists are warning everyone to strengthen their immune systems as those with weak and compromised systems will fall prey to this disease.  The Chinese on average are healthier than Americans.  They eat wild-caught food versus highly processed cloned meats that are butchered in factories that contain harmful chemicals and bacteria.  I saw a video on YouTube showing Chinese citizens eating bats and rats.  Well, these creatures are wild-caught, versus our cows are kept knee-high in feces that is full of bacteria and are fed growth hormones and harmful vaccines to increase their sizes for profitability.  The American diet consists primarily of fast foods, processed meats, and have high sugar content.  Therefore, most of Americans’ immune systems are already compromised.   So, if we get the same number of infected people that China has gotten, it will decimate our numbers in a shorter amount of time.

How Does Quarantine Work?

When the CDC deems an area or a person to be infected with a disease, they can set up a quarantine zone.  Once an area is under quarantine, you can no longer come and go as you please.  You will be restricted to the boundary they create.  The military will ensure all citizens adhere to the quarantine until it is lifted.  Wuhan has been under quarantine for a few weeks, and people are already running out of food and oil.  Presently, a cruise ship is under quarantine, and the people on board cannot get off until it is lifted.

Once this virus spreads throughout American cities, many areas will be quarantined, just like China has done in its provinces.  When this occurs, you need to make sure you have survival items.  We discussed this in our Meeting of the Minds last year.  However, for those who did not participate and have not taken our short course entitled, “Surviving the Fall of Babylon,” I will outline a few items you should have in your home:



A bicycle

Nonperishable food: Canned goods, dry goods with a long shelf life

A first aid kit

Solar-powered chargers

Swiss army knife

Battery operated Handheld radio or walkie talkies

Hygiene products – toothpaste, deodorant, soap, toilet tissue, etc..

Cash on hand – at least $50

CB unit

Bottled water – 1 gallon per day per person

Clothes – for various weather conditions

Extra medicine 

Extra herbal supplements

If you travel, you need to keep a small supply kit in your car at all times in case something happens, and you cannot return home.  Zones and facilities are already in place in case of a national medical emergency.  Every major city already has contingency plans that will be enforced once this virus spreads.   Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make provisions for yourself and your family.  If you would like to learn more, I highly recommend you join the Golden Race.  We will ensure our members are not left as sheep for the slaughter.