A few years ago, many conspiracy theorists were warning people that the elites wanted to reduce the global population.  Although this ideology spread like wildfire, we never believed it for one second.  The elites know that the real value on this planet is not cheap coins or their paper money; it is the people.  Without humanity at large, they would have no one to rule over.

The coronavirus is the perfect example of their attempt to preserve human life.  China shut down major cities in their country, losing millions in the global markets to save the lives of their citizens.  If their elites wanted to reduce their population, they would have allowed the virus to spread.  Now that it has gone into other countries, many of the world’s governments, like Italy, are following their lead and are quarantining their citizens.  America is no exception as they too have quarantined citizens who have come back home from Wuhan and those who were on infected ships.  Scientists are working around the clock to find a cure for this virus. 

The global elites are taking unprecedented measures to preserve the lives of their citizens, which is the true currency of this planet.  Make no mistake about it, all lives on this planet matter to your world leaders.  This is why we warned our readers that knowledge without wisdom is dangerous.  The internet is full of knowledge, however if you have no wisdom to discern what you are being told, you will believe anything. 

We are being shown low numbers of infected and fatality rates of people who have contracted the coronavirus.  However, the measures governments are taking to protect their citizens would lead a wise person to know these numbers are false.  The flu has taken the lives of 1,300 US citizens since November 2019 and infected 2.6 million, which is way more people than the coronavirus, however, the measures our government has taken are less than what they will do if more people contract Covid-19.  Therefore, the severity of this disease is far worse than what the public is being told.

Schools taught us that we should invest in stocks, bonds, and savings. Many were never taught to invest in themselves, by doing intermittent fasting, meditation, getting rest, and treating their bodies as a temple. Now that the system is failing, it has become blatantly obvious that you are the most valuable commodity you have.

All the richest nations, except for America, have sounded the alarm about the severity of Covid-19 and the effects climate change will have on the world’s economy fearing a global economic collapse.  On February 24, 2020, the Dow was down 950 points as investors are panicking about the effects China will have on the global economy.  At this point, it is imperative that you take pre-emptive measures to protect yourself and your family.

Your only line of defense against Covid-19, the flu, or any other supercharged pathogen is the strength of your immune system.  Last night, Ausar and I met a 60-year-old naturopath who told us she had the flu earlier this winter and recovered from it.  She admitted that she took olive leaf juice, garlic pills, and flushed her system with citrus and water.  She refused to go see a licensed medical doctor because she knew nature could heal her.  Just like we have been teaching our members, she too juices and does regular detoxing to keep her body functioning properly.  Meanwhile, children are being killed by the same virus.  Regardless of your age, you must return to natural remedies to strengthen your immunity. 

If you desire to learn more about natural remedies, we have a short course and a natural health program that can teach you how to take care of your body without using harmful chemicals and drugs. 

This is the judgement seat, and everyone, regardless of your race or ethnicity, will be judged.  Those who are sinning, by abusing their temples with junk food, liquor, illegal drugs, sugars, and other dead foods will be removed.  These abusive habits will weaken your immune defense and block your chakra centers from spinning correctly.  Thus, resulting in your premature death. Although the elites KNOW how valuable you are, it is time you came to the same realization.