Since I was a child, all I heard about was the moon landing and space exploration.  When I became an adult, I found conspiracy theorists who claimed there were secret government groups in international space stations.  Now that the coronavirus has come to this planet, it proves all these claims are false.

If there were space stations on the moon, wouldn’t the super-rich be in route there now that a terminal virus and climate change is ravaging this planet?  Instead, they are quarantining major cities, spending vast amounts of money on medical supplies, and doing everything in their power to maintain control.  Once they lose control, they have already built luxury underground bunkers to run and hide. Contrary to popular belief, their actions prove there are no space stations or colonies on the moon.

This conspiracy theory originated from Sci-Fi movies like Elysium who showed the ignorant public pictures of hovering cities that do not exist.  People often watch television and they believe everything they are shown to be true.  However, it is important that we all come to the realization that movies and sitcoms are only entertainment.  Even the reality shows are often scripted for the actors to behave in a certain manner for ratings.   

Living your life based on something you saw in a movie is futile and will lead to your destruction.  We must unplug from the spin machine and open our eyes to the reality that is occurring all around us.  You will rarely find the truth in movies unless you are spiritually awake to see the occult message they are showing you.  Similar to biblical scriptures, many of the topics that are presented are metaphors and should not be taken literally.

There are no colonies on Mars or on the dark side of the moon that are inhabited by Mankind.  If there were, all your elites, government officials, and super-rich would on the first shuttle off this planet.  We are living under a dome, quarantined from the rest of the galaxy.   The last time our astronauts attempted to leave this planet was January 28, 1986, and their ship exploded when they hit the dome.  Since then, the shuttles and satellites only go up far enough to reach weightlessness as they hover in the earth’s orbit.  Therefore, COVID-19 is a game-changer that will separate the wheat from the tare.  Regardless of your race, socio-economic status, age, or gender, only the elect will evolve to take part in the next round of this cosmic game we collectively call life. 

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