Due to the spread of COVID-19, many people will not be able to attend Sunday morning worship on Easter Sunday.  Contrary to popular belief, I KNOW this is divinely inspired as few are aware of the spiritual resurrection that should occur within themselves.  The closure of department stores, restaurants, and shopping centers will allow millions worldwide to finally look deeper than the fable they have been given since childhood and search for the truth behind the scriptures.   

What is a spiritual resurrection?

The spiritual resurrection is often referred to as a great realization; as it is a divine state of enlightenment. Few have fully experienced it, however, those who were fortunate enough to have been changed forever!  The resurrected one becomes a new creature as their old habits and thoughts fade from their consciousness.  Some spiritual disciplines offer guidelines to assist you in reaching this divine state of full awareness and enlightenment.  However, some believe this awakening only happens as an unplanned and unexpected phenomenon, as it is a deep and often philosophical experience where man realizes his own true nature and maintains a balanced life relative to his environment.

Our resurrection occurred when we desired a deeper walk with God.  We asked for a 100-fold walk and ended up unlocking a door to our subconscious minds that can never be closed again.  Your awakening may be initiated by other means.   Depending on your line of thought, the approach, and the books you’re reading or the teacher you’re following your spiritual awakening may vary. Some require complicated steps while others just require several kinds of meditations and the awakening they are seeking will eventually occur.  Most require guidance to trigger their resurrection.  May it be specific steps or generic principles, people with prior knowledge find it easier to reach a state of spiritual enlightenment.

Ready to begin?

To ensure those who would like to start the process of the divine resurrection within themselves can do so, we have created an On-Demand short course entitled, “Kundalini Rising.”  In this course you will learn:

The purpose of a Kundalini awakening

How to awaken and control this latent force

Why should you raise your kundalini? 

How Kundalini energy can help with your spiritual development

And Much more

Interested in learning?  Don’t delay, start your spiritual awakening today.  

In addition to the this course, we are also hosting our Semi-Annual Mind, Body, and Soul detox April 10-12, 2020. While millions are in quarantine trying to escape the deadly impact COVID-19 is having on the world, we will take this time to strengthen our minds, immune systems, and spiritually protect ourselves to ensure our survival. This event consists of dietary restrictions, physical activities, a soul-retrieval meditation, and a three-day ritual that will help us coast through these trying times.

Interested in participating? Visit our online store to purchase this program.