Humanity has strayed from natural order, and as a result, fear has gripped the psyche of many. Life has become the primary focus, while we have viewed death as something that should be avoided at all costs. Fear of the unknown has led to risky behaviors, sadness, and unsatiated grief as ignorance runs rampant within our society. Once humanity remembers that life and death are two sides of the same coin that should be embraced and not avoided, transitioning will be much easier to deal with. 

For many years I too lived in fear of death.  Watching horror movies that had successfully programmed my psyche against the spirit world and the transition from life to death had me afraid to experience man’s ultimate cycle of life. As I returned to the natural order, the Spirit revealed the importance of life cycles and why we must all eventually transition into our eternal state of being.  

One day, I was shopping in Marshalls, and I noticed a silver skull and crossbones. The Spirit told me to pick it up, and as it came closer to my nose, a wonderful aroma of cinnamon filled my nostrils. The skull had a fragrance pack inside of it. When I lowered it from my face, I saw the beauty in this item and quickly purchased it to add to my ancestral shrine. Had I been too afraid to pick it up, I would have never smelled the enchanting aroma that now fills my room.  

The further humanity strays away from natural law, the greater ignorance and fear of death becomes. As a result, many now live by only embracing life while they fight against the ultimate transition of death. For several years, we have been encouraging everyone to return to nature.  Natural order is composed of cycles. Within these cycles, various events take place, including transitioning from life to death.  

Every spring, new life emerges as the flowers bloom and leaves bud on dried brittle branches. The birds, bees, and animals emerge from their slumber and life becomes vibrant again. During the summer months, all of nature bask in the rays of the sun. As summer turns into fall, flowers transition, as leaves turn vibrant colors slowly withering and bravely falling from the branches. Although the trees love their leaves, they do not fight to keep them, they gently release them and allow them to fall to the ground. The animals prepare for the winter months by storing up food and fattening themselves for their slumber.  

During the winter, a death cycle, much of nature sleeps, leaving the immortal ones, the evergreens, to calmly enjoy their solitude knowing life will re-emerge in the next cycle. Our ancestors followed the ways of nature and incorporated her rules into their rituals.  This is why they used the skulls, created ancestral shrines, and honored their fallen in well-constructed rituals. They over-stood the cycles of time, and bravely embraced its power, knowing you can’t enjoy life without honoring death.   

Mark 8:35-37 

35For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. 36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? 

COVID-19 and the many other super-viruses that are emerging are ushering in a new natural cycle that is leading to the transition of many on our planet. Those who survive must learn to return to the natural order if they hope to find peace. 

The conscious individual should not fear death as you realize it is just the natural transition back into your eternal state of being. Loving life and fearing death is futile once you realize that life is temporary, while death transitions you back into immortality. 


Here is an activity I encourage each of you to do. We will create an ancestral shrine to honor the immortal part of ourselves and our ancestors. 

Step 1: Select a shelf or tabletop to place your items on. Preferably not in your bedroom. 

Step 2: Lay a white tablecloth on the shelf.

Step 3: Place pictures of your family members you loved and who loved you that have died on the table.

Step 4: Place some flowers on the table.

Step 5: Place a glass of water on the table. 

Step 6: Place three white candles on the table and light them. 

Step 7: Spend at least 5 minutes a day with your ancestors remembering who they were and knowing they are still with you. 

The more time you spend at your shrine, the easier transitioning from life to death will be for you. You will no longer fear the unknown, as the souls of your ancestors will gently reach out to you in dreams and in subtle ways, eventually bringing you back in alignment with natural law.