Suicides and drug abuse are skyrocketing as COVID-19 is spreading across the globe.  Every day I read another article about a family who has been found dead in their homes due to self-inflicted wounds.  Sadness, grief, and despair have filled the hearts and minds of millions who feel hopeless as the world around them is quickly changing.  To ensure our members, subscribers, and followers are mentally equipped to deal with our rapidly changing reality, we have created an online counseling service.

People are dying daily, leaving behind loved ones who were unable to say goodbye and have a proper funeral.  The lack of closure and the outlook of an uncertain future can have a devastating impact on your psyche.  Feeling like you must deal with rapid changes alone with little to no support can be a frightening experience.  Although you can no longer visit a physical counselor, our virtual one-on-one sessions will be able to adequately assist you during these devastating times.

We provide counseling in the following areas:

·       Grief

·       Relationship

·       Spiritual

·       Individual

·       Group

All our sessions can be accessed via an internet connection on a laptop or cellular device.  We provide one-time telephone consultations as well as a membership-based program that can save participants money on both individual and group sessions. 

Member Benefits

·       Save 25% on all telephone consultations

·       Access to a closed group

·       Access to group sessions

·       Unlimited e-mail support

To ensure everyone who needs assistance can receive it, our rates are affordably priced, starting at $29.99 per session.  You are no longer left to adjust to these rapid changes alone.  Don’t delay, schedule your telephone consultation today.