This morning, a friend of ours texted me a link to a YouTube video that discussed the appearance of Asteroid Atlas in our reality.  The video leads the viewer to believe it will hit earth causing mass destruction and death.  Although I don’t believe this to be true, its arrival foretells an ominous chain of events that will have a lasting impact on our reality. 

An asteroid coming close to earth symbolizes a potential problem that can devastate goals, bring disappointment, or sabotage current efforts.  It denotes an unavoidable disaster that will lead to public embarrassment.  According to the video, this asteroid is set to be closest to earth on April 29, 2020.  This is right around the time President Trump and other European leaders are deciding to re-open their nations after COVID-19 shutdowns. 

Doing so will be disastrous as this comet is an omen. This heavenly messenger is letting the citizens of earth know that their goals and ideas will be compromised.  

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Since we have been in lockdown, atmospheric pollution has decreased.  Natural animals are now free to reclaim lands they have lost to industrial development.  School shootings in America have subsided and crime has decreased.  Although millions yearn to return to life as they knew it prior to COVID-19, there are forces that are much greater than humanity who will NEVER allow the crimes that were committed against nature to continue.  Success for one party means death for others.  

The pope has instructed everyone to repent of their sins as darkness has enveloped the earth.  President Trump has frequently mentioned an invisible enemy, and just this week I read an article which stated the Dalai Lama has warned humanity that prayer will NOT save them from COVID-19.  His advice is that we all act kindly and have empathy for our fellow man.  

Christian pastors of all races in America have fought against the governmental bands which told them not to have mass gatherings under the guise of worshiping the Lord.  However, their true intentions of making money at the risk of losing the lives of their members resulted in some of them being sickened and dying.  We have warned our subscribers and readers for months that the planetary frequency is rising, and regardless of who you are, if you have ill-intent, selfish motives, and greedy aspirations you will be removed.  

Comet Atlas is your final warning to turn from your wicked ways, care for ALL men, and honor nature or you will be destroyed.  If these greedy politicians hastily re-open with business as usual in pursuit of gain while they fail to make provision for their citizens by having adequate testing, providing shelter, food, and supplies for everyone, they too will perish along with millions of their followers.    

This comet has broken into four pieces. The number four denotes the removal of chaos. We are at the beginning of something spectacular as the world is being made anew.  Unfortunately, the mindset of a dying world will prohibit millions from witnessing the emergence of our new one.  For those who desire to KNOW what they should do at this time as one world fades away and the new one takes its place, we are hosting a group meeting this Sunday, April 19, 2020 at noon EST.  Not a member? 

You can purchase a one-time pass on our website.  There is truly something spectacular taking place in our reality, and if you desire to have a first-class seat to eternity, I highly recommend you attend this meeting.