When we first woke up in consciousness, we were approached by many people who encouraged us to file for sovereign status.  Their rationale was that we were all chattel to the government because of our social security numbers and birth certificates.  They attempted to discourage us from filing taxes, stating we shouldn’t be required to do so.  Although many of them made some interesting points, Spirit never led us to follow their path, and now that American citizens are receiving much-needed aid from our government, I am very happy we did not do so. 

Everything that Glitters Ain’t Gold

When they first told us we should not pay taxes, I knew that was false.  I saw many people from all walks of life end up imprisoned for tax evasion.  From preachers to celebrities, those who failed to pay their fair share were forcefully incarcerated.  I even found a former tax agent who taught others not to pay taxes end up in prison for a couple of years.  Personally, I value my freedom, so that was not a chance I was willing to take.  

I was taught at a young age to do investigative research before I made any life changing decisions. During my search on sovereignty, I discovered that a sovereign entity should be able to house, clothe, feed, and provide all their needs with no support from any government.  They should be an absolute monarch who has their own currency, banking system, military, and everything else they need for survival.  The vast majority of people who followed these groups depend on their government for many of these needs, therefore, they should NOT have given up their citizenship.  

Now that COVID-19 is spreading worldwide, many governments are providing financial help for their citizens.  Those who were deceived into forfeiting their citizenship for a sovereign status may soon discover they are ineligible for aid.  Under the Congressional CARES Act they will give US taxpaying citizens $1200 per adult and $500 per child based on income standards.  This virus is adversely affecting everyone who lives in this country.  Therefore, this money can mean the difference between sustaining life and imminent death for millions who are unemployed.  

The tax-paying citizens are now being given a parachute that has the potential to save the lives of both them and their loved ones.  Those who were deceived into forfeiting their citizenship and stopped paying taxes may receive no financial aid.  Now, the question remains, what will these sovereign groups do for you now?  

This is just the beginning of what governments have planned for members of their societies.   Giving up your citizenship in any country is never a smart thing to do, especially if you are not a country yourself.