COVID-19 has made a major change in our reality, forcing millions to leave their day jobs and work from home.  From teachers to office workers, many have now experienced the benefits of doing so.  Some even regret having to return to work once the economy re-opens…. but what if they didn’t have to?

Ever dreamed of working from home?  Have you desired to start your own business or to grow your online business?  Well, we are here to help make your dream a reality. 

Ausar and I have owned and operated our own businesses for over 20 years.  From brick and mortar locations to virtual stores, we have done it all.  As a result, we are often approached by other people who desire to create their own business or to enhance their current venture for advice and assistance.  To ensure we can aid everyone who needs assistance, we have created Cosmic Innovations, an online business resource that will ensure your success.

Cosmic Innovations is an online business resource center that has information for EVERY business owner.  Such as:

FREE webinars

Links to financial assistance such as grants and loans

An economic podcast

Services we provide to other business owners

And Much More!

Our Services

When we opened our first business, a cellular store, twenty years ago, we had to get a physical location, get AT&T to wire the place for terminals, computers, and telephone lines.  We had to purchase signage, store equipment, and hire staff.  A lot has changed to make our lives much easier since then.  From virtual phone lines to mobile devices, you can now create and launch your business for half the cost of our initial investment. 

In fact, most businesses are establishing themselves online by having a website, blog, an online store, podcasts, and videos.  Unfortunately, few people know how to create these things on their own.  Many of these tasks can be time consuming, and in business, time is money.  To cut your time in half, we offer all these creation services.  Of course, Golden Race members can save on EVERY service we offer. 

We have also started a Seller Program.  There are many seller programs out there right now, but they often have lots of hidden fees, strict rules, and a delay on your payment.  Our program is easier to enroll in and will allow you to make more money than the traditional program.  You can list your item(s) in our online store with no upfront listing cost.  You will keep 100% of your asking price once the item sells, and we pay you via PayPal as soon as you provide proof the item has shipped.  All newly posted items are listed on social media sites to ensure our customer base is aware of your product.

Cosmic Innovations is updated regularly to ensure everyone is aware of our ever-changing environment. If you want your business to succeed in today’s economy, I highly recommend you visit our online resource center.