For the past two years, we have had many videos flagged and removed on major platforms because of their metaphysically controversial content. This led us to create our own in-house community theater. We originally had an Exclusive Video Membership that we phased out last year. By popular demand, we have resurrected our Exclusive Video Membership program so more people can have access to this information at an affordable rate.

Member Benefits:

Watch 4 Different full length Ausar N Auset videos every month

Access to our Member-only Theater

Discounts in our online store

Immediate Access when you sign-up!!

We will still have our On-Demand videos in the community theater, however, by joining you will save 50% for each video you watch in our member-only theater. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who desire to learn the truth about our reality. You will finally have access to the knowledge the Establishment has hidden for centuries.