Many people are facing hardships because of COVID 19 and the economic downturn. As millions face unemployment, housing issues, and are struggling to make ends meet our government is taking a break instead of providing financial help to their citizens. If we cannot think outside of the box, many people will find themselves in a hellish reality. Therefore, we have created a COVID 19 Monetary Gifting program that can benefit everyone.

Our program is different from the Lotus SuSu program because it has a lower enrollment cost and faster turnaround time. There is NO credit check, and anybody can take part in our program.

If you are interested in increasing your earning potential, we encourage you to enroll today.

If your business was adversely affected by COVID 19 and you are in need of extra capital but do not qualify for a loan, we can help.  Our program is designed to provide your business with up to $3,000 – $6,000 based on your initial gifting deposit and level of participation. There is NO CREDIT CHECK required to enroll.