We started our COVID 19 Relief Fund program this week, and we have already filled all three boards.  Money is flowing to the people who have enrolled and we want to make sure every Golden Race member, subscriber, and follower are involved in this wonderful Pay-It-Forward program that can put food on tables, keep lights on, put gas in cars, and assist everyone with tuition and membership costs.

In times past, when people needed extra income, they would get a part-time job, but with businesses closing daily, many are finding it hard to secure extra employment.  We have lost members because of a change in their financial situation, and many people have indicated they would like to attend our Mystery School or join our private groups, but they have no extra money to pay the cost that is associated with doing so.  Taking part in our Pay-It-Forward COVID 19 Relief Fund program will give you access to extra money that can finance your tuition in our Mystery School or in the Home School Network, pay your membership fees, and give you a supplemental income for living expenses. 

Success! You’re on the list.

How Does it Work?

Everyone pays a small enrollment fee to get their name listed on one of our boards.  We have a $25, $50, and $100 board.  Once you are on the board, you are in line to receive up to 6 times what you paid to enter the board.  So, your $25 can pay you up to $150, your $50 can pay you up to $300, and your $100 contribution can pay you up to $600.  As more people join, more people are paid, therefore, everyone is benefiting from this program as the money circulates throughout our community.  Upon receiving your last payment, we will give you an option of putting the final payment back into the community so you remain on the list. If you do so, this money will become residual income for you.

This is a program that everyone can benefit from. Even if you are NOT in need, you can be a blessing to someone else. We encourage all current members to participate, as it can pay your membership fees every month at no additional cost to you.   For example: If you are paying a Golden Race membership, you can join our $25 board, which can pay you up to $150.  If you buy back in each month, it will pay for your membership fee.  The money you save is an increase; and every dollar saved is a dollar earned. 

If you have been yearning to get involved with the Golden Race, or if you need extra income, this is your Golden opportunity.  Visit our website to enroll today.