We are at a critical time on this planet, where the meek are destined to inherit the earth, but they are surrounded by enemies who are hell bent on their destruction. These enemies are in all racial groups and in all socio-economic backgrounds.  If humanity cannot awaken to the truth, they will soon find themselves in a hellish reality in which they cannot escape.

This year has been one of chaos that will bring order back into our reality.  However, many will be destroyed during this time because they are unaware of the cycles of time and of how energy works.  Unfortunately, your planetary controllers KNOW what time it is, and they are determined to ensure you forfeit your inheritance by willfully giving it up.  They are bombarding your subconscious minds with lack, struggle, injustice, racism, and violent acts daily, hoping the collective conscious will continue to create a hellish reality. 

Those who are unable to unplug from this mind matrix will be destroyed.  All its systems are collapsing, everything from religion to education is in freefall as cosmic energy is ushering in a new reality.  Cosmically, we are living in a wonderful time where dreams can quickly come true.  However, if you allow your enemies to write the script for your dreams, it will quickly become a nightmare. 

Little governmental assistance has been used as a tool to lock millions in their root chakras to keep them distracted with meeting basic needs, so they are unaware of the spectacular lunar energy that is coming in on September 2, 2020, during our Piscean full moon.  This energy will usher in divine independence causing shifts in perspectives that will create dynamic experiences.   This moon activates a lucky star that brings new associations that will transmute the boredom and stress that many have been experiencing.

This energy will last for two weeks affecting homes, families, and intimate relationships because it occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon.  Without awareness of this influence, opposing forces such as needs and wants can create inner tension which may lead to vampiric issues that can suck your life force.  This moon will cause emotions and instincts to function at a higher capacity, so you must use your intuition to consciously shift your subconscious mind into impartiality.  During this time, you will be able to clearly see the negative issues that have been causing disharmony in your life.

Success! You’re on the list.

Knowing what is causing you harm or discomfort is paramount to providing you with divine protection.  During this time, the conscious cosmic dreamers will shift their reality as they please to create a heavenly experience.  Those who are unconsciously led astray by the fake news outlets and their religious leaders will create a nightmarish reality for themselves as they can only see and manifest the end times and nothing else. 

Last night, we posted a Real Talk podcast snippet that discussed manifestation and the mind.  Music has been used for centuries to control the minds of humanity.  When you repeatedly listen to lyrics, you are programming your subconscious mind to create your reality.  If the music is sad and downtrodden, you will soon find yourself in a sad situation.  However, when music is uplifting and of a higher vibration, it can propel you to greater heights, thus providing a more positive life experience.  As spirits encased in physical bodies, we are all here to experience the best life has to offer.  However, many are born and die in poverty and despair because they have never taken the time to dream their own dreams.  They allowed society to tell them who they are, where they came from, and how far they can go in their incarnation.  Not only did they listen to their advice, but they BELIEVED it.  By doing so, they gave up their right to co-create their own reality.

The universe wants to ensure every creature has a right to co-create and to experience life to the fullest.   This year can be the best year of your life, if you tap into the universal creative flow that is all around us.  Turn off your television and dream your own dreams.  During this time, we will work with the members of our COVID 19 Pay-It-Forward Relief group to ensure they can co-create with universal consciousness.  If you desire to soar with the eagles over the fires that will cause planetary destruction during this time instead of burning with the weeds that are trapped on the ground, we invite you to join our team.  We will usher in prosperity and abundance while we work on changing our minds to receive the divine blessings that are flowing into our reality.