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We can help you navigate our new world.

Life for many has changed overnight with the arrival of COVID-19.  Children are out of school and businesses have closed leaving families to transition to a new way of life.  Although you can no longer go to see a physical counselor, we can assist you wherever you are by providing one-on-one assistance in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Virtual Sessions

You can receive counseling while you relax on your couch. We provide confidential one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your own home.


Each session is scheduled to meet the needs of our clients.  You can choose a day and time that is convenient for you.  All sessions can be accessed online via an internet connection on a cellphone or laptop.

Types of Counseling

  • Grief
  • Financial
  • Spiritual 
  • Individual
  • Group
  • Couple

I was lost until I found this counseling team. I had tried everything and still felt empty inside. Now I KNOW my purpose in life and that gives me something to live for.

Diane F.

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